Pre-feasibility & Feasibility Studies

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Pre-feasibility Study

In the pre-feasibility phase we establish the grounds for selecting the best investment options from among several alternatives. Our assessment of the project’s technical and economic profitability covers the entire life cycle of the plant from an environmental impact assessment to the recyclability of various parts of the plant.

Typical tasks for prefeasibility studies:

  • Evaluation of alternative technology concepts
  • Selection of plant concept
  • Design criteria
  • General layout
  • 3D animations
  • Investment estimates
  • Manning plans
  • Operating cost calculation
  • Profitability analyses
  • Technical documents for permit procedures


Feasibility Study

Cost-effectiveness and overall production management are essential to the project objectives, which provide a basis for the feasibility studies.

During the pre engineering phase our experts will draw up a technically reliable overall economic concept, which can be used for project decision making and drawing up a reliable budget for the project. Preparing the implementation, organisation and stratification of the project are an integral part of our high quality pre-engineering services.

Typical tasks for pre-engineering 

  • Production calculation
  • Raw material and utility consumption estimates
  • Dimensioning of unit processes
  • Block diagrams and/or process flow diagrams
  • Technical descriptions of departments/unit processes
  • Area layouts and department layouts with sections
  • Principles of electrification and automation
  • Procurement instructions
  • Enquiry specifications
  • Project standards
  • Equipment lists
  • Piping material, valve, electrical equipment and instrument estimates
  • Detailed investment estimates
  • Project schedules
  • Budget


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