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Process Engineering

The task of CTS' process engineering is to design and develop industrial processes such as energy, pulp and paper, HVAC, chemical, water and mineral processing. During the project, process engineering is a front-loaded discipline, which main task is to produce initial data for other engineering fields showing the connections, dimensioning and function of the processes.

Typical documentation contains flow diagrams or piping and instrumentation diagrams, balance calculations and other dimensioning calculations, technical specifications, functional descriptions and commissioning plans.

Process engineering can include design of new facilities or modification or expansion of existing facilities. Process engineering services cover the whole project period, starting from conceptual level or studies and ultimately ending up at productional use of the plant or unit process. In most cases, process engineers take part in training and start up activities, as well. Modern database linked design tools, process simulation and tailor-made solutions are widely used in process engineering

Services of process engineering

  • Mill balances
  • Design calculations
  • Process simulation
  • Flow sheets
  • P&I -diagrams
  • Lists
  • Technical specifications
  • Purchase inquiries                      
  • Functional descriptions                                          
  • Commissioning planning


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