Energy efficiency audits

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Energy analyses of process industries

Common for all analyses are the

  • Review for entirety
  • Heat / power / fuels / renewable fuel / water
  • Energy consumption and cost distribution
  • Emphasis for main consumption areas

As result the client gets Proposals for economical measures with arguments and investment calculations, statement for possiblities of using renewable fuels and a report in which all measures for action, implementation and savings are presented.

Energy analyses  are two-staged review for processes, in which all possiblities for saving energy are studied

  • Process
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Buildings

Objective of stage 1

Clarification of efficiency of energy usage

  • Heat and power
  • Process operation

Analysis of the present energy usage and saving potential

Define and report direct measures which can be achived relatively easily with small investments

Define and report the targets, suitable for 2. stage supplement analyses

Implementation of stage 1

Kick-off meeting

Scope and emphasis of the studies

Initial data delivery, checking and supplement

Departmental meetings, interview of personel and field measurements

Analyses of the data


Final meeting and report delivery


Objective of stage 2

More accurate study for process supplement analysis reported in stage 1

The heat, fuel, power and water consumption of the process and equipment are studied

  • Energy consumption is measured and assured
  • Studies shall be based on accurate measurements
  • Possibilities of achiving energy savings by changing operational habits, operational tecnology and new investments are studied

The aim is to clarify the targets, in which usage of energy can be reduced, intensified or recovered by reasonable changes, repairings or new investments.


Field studies


  • Investments
  • Savings
  • Other effects

Implementation of stage 2


Field studies


  • Investments
  • Savings
  • Other effects