Energy & Material Efficiency

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Energy and Material Efficiency

Always, when talking about Energy Efficiency consultancy, we consider the technical, financial and social aspects of improving energy production,transmission, distribution and use. CTS Energy efficiency strategies and projects for national and local authorities and industries include environmentally aware consulting and engineering.

Energy efficiency auditing

Finding out the objects to spare energy and evaluating the impact of energy efficiency measures.

Energy analyses consists two-staged review for processes, in which all possibilities for saving energy are studied. The aim is to clarify the targets, in which usage of energy can be reduced, intensified or recovered by reasonable changes, repairings or new investments.

Material efficiency auditing

Material balances and improvements for efficient raw material usage.

Large majority of companies are willing to improve efficiency of their operations systematically. Auditing effectiveness of the material flows is aimed at improving efficiency, and provides companies with a number of advantages. The main focus is on finding cost savings. Auditing helps companies to find concrete measures for improvements.


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