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Biogas - renewable energy

The biogas plant produces gas from the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of biodegradable materials such as biomass, manure, sewage, municipal wastewater sludge, green waste and plant materias. The gas is produced  for the production of electricity and heat and for use in transport among other things. Besides biogas, the plant can produce digestion residue to make agricultural fertiliser.

Biogas is a renewable fuel, so it qualifies for renewable energy subsidies in some parts of the world. Biogas can also be cleaned and upgraded to natural gas standards when it becomes biomethane.

CTS Engtec has a strong experience in operating as a chief designer the biogas plant. In addition to studies, pre engineering and head design of biogas plant it has meant a large-scale tendering and contract negotiations as well as choice of sub-contractors and equipment suppliers. Leaving project management to our responsibility, the customer can focus on their core business.

Modern biogas plant is highly automated. The plant can be equipped with a control system which allows remote monitoring of the process. The most important functions of the modern production process include continuous feeding and handling of the raw material, thus, requiring no storage.



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